Examining the mind […]

202307AUG(AUG 7)10:0011(AUG 11)12:00Examining the mind […]Year group module 2 – also bookable individually

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Examining the mind in the right way

The Essence is lived philosophy, a special path of personal maturation. In contrast to other philosophies and development models, the focus here is not on the personality – the ego – but on recognising and uncovering our true being. The feeling of lightness, freedom and inner peace that increasingly arises through the application of The Essence is not the result of exercises. It is neither the application of psychological tricks nor new models of thinking. It simply corresponds to the identity of our real being.

The Essence Year Groups are year-long trainings in which the basic principles of The Essence are introduced. They also serve as a basis for all further planned The Essence trainings.

The fee for the year group is 108 €/month. The events of the year group can also be booked as individual seminars for 648 €.


07.08.2023 10:00 - 11.08.2023 12:00


Burg Balduinstein

Burgweg 7, 65558 Balduinstein (bei Limburg)