Yoga and Meditation for Highly Sensitive People

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Yoga und Meditation


No matter if you have previous experience with meditation or other ways of practising: By applying the contents of this workshop, you will be able to bring about profound positive changes in your life yourself!

The practices presented in my three-day seminar were developed to guide serious spiritual seekers to higher levels of consciousness. They are a combination of precisely coordinated exercises that bring about a more differentiated perception of our individual levels of consciousness.

One group of techniques serves to activate the so-called chakras – the psycho-energetic centres that function as switching points for the different levels of our being.

Other techniques I will teach are for cleansing and activating your energetic system and for directing energy.

The central, all-encompassing technique is an advanced meditation that shifts and integrates unconscious content into consciousness.

Seminar leader: Ganeshyogi J. Bormann

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13.05.2022 17:00 - 15.05.2022 17:00


Bollwerk 21, Bern, Schweiz